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How Instagram has Changed Everything

Once upon a time, Instagram didn’t exist.  I know it may seem hard to think back to that time, but it was just a few years ago – in fact, Instagram was launched in 2010!  That is only eight years ago, but many millennials cannot imagine their lives without the visually appetizing social media platform.  All you need is a smart phone with a camera and you too can be a part of the Instagram community that is growing by the minute.

At one point, people only knew what the news told them about other countries and cultures, unless they were privileged enough to travel.  Now, however, with just a scroll or swipe you can see people in Kenya, Colombia, Ireland, and China.  You can follow a family traveling the world, or your best friend who lives down the block.

With open communication, Instagram has given a louder voice to activists and those suffering around the world.  Their message has an opportunity to go further than ever before, which means corruption and oppression is getting much-needed press.  So many people claim that more injustice is happening now than ever before… but I question are more things happening or is more sharing happening?

In addition to the activists and “average” person, it has changed how politicians and celebrities interact with the “little guy.”  We have more access to people and information than we ever have before.  This has led to more whistleblowing and more accountability than the wealthy are accustomed to.

This increase in accessibility has also led to higher expectations for the content people put on their pages, leaving even your average user buying high-end cameras to keep up with the quality. People are doing more extreme things just to get that perfect shot, like spending 20 minutes taking pictures of lunch until the ultimate shot is taken.  Everyone has become a journalist or a photographer, and some even create a career around being an influencer!

Instagram has also impacted companies.  They can no longer ignore the influence Instagram has on their consumers’ opinions and purchasing trends.  This has led to big bucks invested in advertising and hiring social media experts to improve their numbers.

This demand for more followers has led to many companies popping up that sell followers and likes to companies for little to no cost.  If you’re wondering how to get Instagram followers fast, it’s easy and there are a variety of options from buying just 100 to 100,000 followers.  This is an entire market created solely around Instagram.  Small businesses have a shot to make a name for themselves with just a strong online presence.

All of this has created a “free” lifestyle of being a “digital nomad.”  We see people on Instagram travelling the world living solely off of their social media influence through marketing for various companies worldwide.  We no longer look for products, but lifestyles.

A picture can say a thousand words, so what does your Instagram say about you?