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How to Get Likes on Instagram as a Novice

I, like many others, have an Instagram page.  The only difference is… I got mine yesterday.  I know I am a bit behind the ball on this, but I always hesitated because I like Facebook.  However, I am moving abroad and have decided now is the time to bite the bullet and join the Insta community.

I put up my first picture of my husband and I, which only got 3 likes – JUST 3!  It was a great picture and I used as many #Hashtag as I could think of.  I thought Instagram was supposed to be a place where I entered and instantly got 100 likes.  So I took to Google to figure out what I was doing wrong.  Below is what I found!

One great tip was to post on more than one site!  So instead of just putting my picture up on Instagram, I should have put it on Facebook as well, where most of my followers are.

I got the #Hashtag fever!  Instead of just randomly selecting #Hashtags out of thin air, use an appropriate #Hashtag that will lure people in, are popular, or are local to where you are.

Show off what you love… to use.  If you have a brand of hair care, cosmetics, food, or any other category that is your absolute favorite, don’t be afraid to show it off.  Others with the same love may find you and like.

Follow everyone!  Well, maybe not everyone, but the more people you follow the more likely they will follow you back.  The more followers you get, the more likes (hopefully).

Keep it up!  After your first post, don’t give up.  Also post quality and post frequently.  People get bored easily nowadays and it is hard sometimes to keep up, so post as often as you can.

Use all of Instagram’s features.  So recently, Instagram has updated and created a ton of new features for its users including Stories, Ads, Live, and so much more.  Viewers want to be entertained and using all of the features will give you a variety to keep interest up.

Have great pictures with engaging captions.  It is easy to post a picture of your lunch, but much more difficult to make people want your lunch and look up the restaurant you got it in.  This is done through beautiful pictures, so get familiar with those filters, and great captions, so remember to tell where you are, what you are doing, and how they can do the same.  Get on those writing pants and get to work!

If you find yourself asking how to get more likes on Instagram then check out these tips.  If all else fails, there are many services that allow you to buy Instagram likes and followers to give your page that little extra push it needs to grow.  These aren’t very expensive and can lead to a great turn out.  Many big Instagram users of today have done this starting out.  So why not you?