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Which Instagram Purchasing Website Should You Use?

Instagram is a key tool that should be in every company’s arsenal in order to reach an optimal audience for sales and overall growth.   In fact, about 71% of businesses use this platform to promote their services and products.  Instagram makes up over 50% of the Internet users from 18- 29 years old.  If not used, Instagram can translate to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars lost monthly for a business.  This is why it is crucial for companies to take full advantage of Instagram and create a following that puts it on the map.

Hours and hours can be spent slaving over Instagram photos, posts, and followers with little to no success.  Due to the number of companies already using Instagram, it can be almost impossible to create an organic following that will get a company noticed without a little extra help from an outside source.  For this reason, a whole new market has formed which allows users to buy Instagram followers cheap.

What should a user look for when investigating different boosting services? Below are the top 3 questions to ask while finding the right service.

  1. What are the goals for this boost?

This is an important question to ask before the search begins.  The goal of the boost or of the Instagram page, in general, will guide the search to the site that works best.  There are options to buy Instagram followers cheap if there is a small budget and perhaps the company is just starting out.  However, if there is some following, but there is a need for a boost then a more expensive option may be best in order to ensure there is engagement.  This leads to the next question.

  1. Is there a need for engagement or just a follower number increase?

Engagement rate is a calculation that takes into account the number of likes and comments versus the number of followers.  It looks at how many people follow versus how many people interact with the page itself.  If this is an important aspect of the page’s success, then it is vital to get followers with engagement.

However, if it is a starter page that just needs a quick bump up to start getting noticed, then an option with no engagement may be better and more cost effective.

  1. What is the reputation of the site?

Before using any service, it is always key to check on the reputation of the website before using the service.  Online can be a haven for scammers.  Don’t be a victim of a scam.  It only takes a simple Google search to investigate.  A good site can have a huge impact on the satisfaction and growth of the Instagram page.

While it is always great to find followers in the “natural” way, with so many people creating businesses and personal pages on Instagram every day, it can be almost impossible to get noticed.  With a large following, a company can stand out amongst the white noise.